Drug users ruin holiday home hopes


By Rowan Forster

 The owner of a Dewhurst mansion has shared her Airbnb “horror story”, forced to fend drug-addled tenants from her property.

Carolina Percic featured on the Gazette’s front page decades ago, when she defeated Cardinia Shire in VCAT and won the right to develop a villa on the Downey Road land.

After the death of Ms Percic’s husband, she decided to list the five bedroom manor as a bed and breakfast opportunity for tourists.

“It seemed like a nice idea to provide some visitors with accommodation and get to know them,” she said.

“It’s such a big house that it made sense to put it to use.”

The plan did not go as smoothly as hoped for Mrs Percic, who was repeatedly subjected to wild, problematic boarders.

After several incidents, culminating in a brawl between two intoxicated guests – she decided to shut up shop.

“It was at that point I knew I had to take it off,” she said.

“I’m all by myself and I couldn’t keep them under control.

“It was terrifying.”

It comes just weeks after the legalities of Airbnb properties entered the spotlight, with New South Wales houses facing potential restriction.