Landlord spends $5.5k removing ‘filth’ left behind

Troy Love with the rubbish left behind at his property. 179775_08

By Rowan Forster

 A Nar Nar Goon landlord whose property was desecrated and left in squalor has already spent $5,500 removing waste from his home.

Troy Love has spent the last three months cleaning 45 cubic metres of trash and faeces accrued by his previous tenants.

The state of Mr Love’s Browning Road home made Gazette headlines in April, when the tradie discovered $60,000 worth of damage, abandoned cats and decomposing horse carcasses.

Cleaners have also scoured the inside of the house, removing urine-soaked carpets and buffing stained walls.

Since the Gazette highlighted Mr Love’s ordeal, the story has been featured on A Current Affair and a rant he posted to social media has amassed more than one million hits.

The alleged perpetrator has since been identified, with neighbours and animal activists inundating him with criticism and abuse.

While Mr Love said he is now feeling more positive, he has no plans to lease the property again.

“It’s been a costly process but I’m feeling a bit better about it now,” he said.

“We’ve completely gutted the house, and we’ve even discovered smoke damage on the ceiling.

“My partner and I are shattered but our families have been amazing and we will work as hard and as long as it takes to get it up to its former standards.”

He doubts any damages will be allocated from the tenants through VCAT processes.

“They’ve been on the side of the tenants this whole time,” Mr Love said.

“There just aren’t enough rights to protect landlords.”

According to VCAT, approximately 55,000 cases are heard every year in relation to rental disputes.

In a series of selfless gestures from the Nar Nar Goon community, cleaners and painters have offered reduced services to help Mr Love restore his home.

Jade Casbolt, from Ringwood, said she would help clean his property for half-a-day free of charge.

“The support has been unbelievable,” Mr Love said.