Subscription Questions FAQ

Subscription Questions FAQ

Gazette Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About the Gazette Access Pass subscription

If you are a regular user of the Gazette website we offer a selection of complimentary stories on the website each month, however if you wish to have unlimited use of the Gazette website content as well as an electronic version of the digital edition newspaper subscribe to the Gazette Access Pass.


Where do I login to the Gazette Access Pass to read unlimited stories on the website?

Visit the Gazette Access Pass login pages:

Berwick Gazette Login

Pakenham Gazette Login

I need help with my Gazette Access Pass website subscription.

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to request assistance with your Gazette Access Pass website subscription.

Where do I visit the Gazette digital edition epaper?

To read the digital edition of the newspaper visit these pages. You will need to login to your subscription to read the full edition or to see the archive of past editions.

Berwick Gazette Digital Edition

Pakenham Gazette Digital Edition

I need help with my Gazette digital edition epaper.

Just visit the digital edition page of the website to read the electronic version of the newspaper. If you are still having problems request assistance using the form below.

I already have a home delivery subscription to the printed newspaper edition of the Gazette. Can I get unlimited access to the website stories as well?

We apologise, but we do not currently offer the website Access Pass as part of home delivery subscriptions. You will need to create a separate subscription for the Access Pass.

How do I change my subscription preferences for Free regular email alerts?

If you have already subscribed to receive regular emails look for the link at the bottom of the emails you are receiving and click on Update Subscription Preferences. You can change the delivery options. We’re sorry we cannot make these changes for you as the profile is controlled by the subscriber.

Where can I find digital editions of the various newspapers?

Visit our Digital Editions page at

I need a tax receipt for my subscription.

For Access Pass subscriptions simply login to your account to review your subscription history. You may download or print receipts this way.

I would like to advertise in a Star News Group product…who can I contact?

Star News Group has some of the most comprehensive advertising options to connect customers with your products and services. For print and online advertising call 03 5945 0666 or to place an advertisement in the classifieds visit or call 1300 666 808

I need more help

If you still need more help please complete the form below with a description of the issue you’re having and we will endeavour to respond within 72 hours or sooner.