Personal connection inspires Liam

Liam Manwaring will be climbing 1000 steps up the Kooweerup Lookout Tower to raise money for mental health charities. 250423_04 Photo: SHELBY BROOKS

Kooweerup CFA volunteer Liam Manwaring will be repeatedly climbing the Kooweerup Lookout Tower for this year’s Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb.

It will be Liam’s first time participating in the fundraiser, this year held virtually at home due to Covid-19 lockdown.

Liam, who has been a volunteer for about three years, said raising awareness for mental health support was important to him.

“Depression, anxiety and PTSI is something significant to me because I’ve suffered personal loss to suicide,“ Liam said.

“I wanted to do more than put money in a bucket. I wanted to put physical effort in and shed some sweat for a good cause.“

Liam and a few of his fellow CFA volunteers will be set up at the tower on the South Gippsland Highway on Saturday 18 September to cheer Liam on and hopefully snag some extra funds from passerbys.

Liam is hoping to raise at last $750 and climb at least 1000 steps in full firefighting gear, but will keep going until he collapses he joked.

“We’ll see how I go on the day,“ he said.

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