Animal care an obligation

Animal care remains an obligation throughout Stage 4 restrictions. Picture: GARY SISSONS 199846_04

Fortunately for our four legged friends, travelling to provide care for animals is essential and is therefore allowed under Stage 4 restrictions, the RSPCA has confirmed.

Despite being in lockdown, Cardinia Shire residents must continue to provide proper care for their animals, and where necessary, travelling further than five kilometres is permitted.

Examples of care include caring for animals on agistment properties and arranging veterinary care if and when required.

Travelling to care for animals should be done between 5am and 8pm, however if necessary for emergency care, the RSPCA has confirmed that travel during curfew hours is allowed.

“At all times, including during Covid-19 restrictions, owners must ensure that they continue to provide all the necessities for their animals to ensure they live happy fulfilled lives,” an RSPCA spokesperson said.

“This includes enough food, water, shelter and veterinary care, along with specialised care for horses such as farriery work, dentistry and appropriate rug wear.

“RSPCA Victoria understands that many animal owners may be feeling anxious about their ability to care for their animals and is assuring Victorians that caring for animals is a priority and that people can continue to provide care for their animals where travel is required.”

People who agist horses or livestock must also continue to visit and check on their animals regularly to provide proper care, and people who own or operate agistment facilities must continue to treat and care for the animals on the property and maintain the facility.

Anyone who has concerns about the welfare of an animal is encouraged to make a report to RSPCA Victoria’s Inspectorate.

All reports made to RSPCA Victoria’s Inspectorate must be lodged via the RSPCA Victoria website or by calling 9224 2222.