Speeding offences top list

Picture: On file Joe Mastroianni

Cardinia Police detected 78 speeding offences across the Easter long weekend as part of Operation Nexus.

The operation targeted dangerous and reckless behaviour across the state during a traditionally high-risk period on the state’s roads.

Offences recorded in the Cardinia Police Service Area included:

4 drink drivers

4 drug drivers

7 disqualified drivers

8 unlicensed drivers

78 speeding offences

7 disobey signs/signals

10 seatbelt offences

5 mobile phone offences

15 unregistered vehicles

1 impoundments

0 cyclist offences

Across the state, there were more than 8000 traffic offences.

Sadly, three people died over the long weekend, including two separate motorbike accidents in Oakleigh South and Gordon where it’s believed the riders lost control of their bikes.

As of Tuesday April 2, 73 people have died on Victoria’s roads compared with 82 at the same time last year.