Grass to go

As it happened, the grass was photographed being cut just hours after the Gazette made calls. 199531_01

As drivers brace to merge into the bottleneck that is synonymous with McGregor Road, they’ve recently found it’s not the only traffic nightmare on their journey into Pakenham.

Unkempt grass next to the off ramp reportedly reached heights of more than a metre, proving a physical hazard for motorists, particularly those in smaller vehicles, who are unable to gauge oncoming traffic.

One man, who travels into Pakenham daily for work, said the grass was dangerous.

“You can’t see oncoming traffic over these fields of grass,” he said.

“I have to nudge my car into the roundabout to see what’s coming along the overpass.

“I hope one of the authorities can take care of it. Otherwise I might need to bring a whipper-snipper for the next time I drive past.”

Cardinia Shire Council and VicRoads were both contacted for comment and were looking into whether this particular stretch of road fell into their patch of responsibility.

As it turns out, contractors were out mowing lawns just hours after the Gazette contacted relevant authorities.

It’s unknown if these maintenance works were pre-planned, but it’s left motorists asking why it’s taken so long to clean up in the first place.

“It should never have been at a stage where it becomes a hazard to road users,” the motorist added.