In the good books

Pakenham librarian Moira Eveleens with CEO Chris Buckingham. 180109_02 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

By Kyra Gillespie

Locals may have noticed that the Pakenham Library has been stocking more than just books in the past month.

Casey Cardinia Libraries have been busy collecting personal hygiene products for females who are struck by poverty and homelessness.

As part of the Share the Dignity drive, pink collection boxes for donated tampons and sanitary pads have been stationed outside the libraries in April.

Casey Cardinia Libraries chief executive Chris Buckingham said it was important that everyone in the community felt respected, welcome and safe.

“Share the Dignity is about helping people who are in real need,” he said.

“Homelessness and family violence are big challenges for our community and people can make a real difference close to home with small acts of kindness.”

Share the Dignity is a charity founded by Rochelle Courtenay.

She said it helped alleviate the undignified dilemma that thousands of women had to endure.

“So many women every month have to forfeit sanitary products because they cannot afford them.”

The donated products will be distributed to registered charities in May and September.

The libraries will run another Dignity Drive in August later this year.