School brings fairy tales to life

From left, John Henry Primary School students and main cast members Conor, Elise, Maddison, Emeelia and Arwen. 194008_01.

Students at John Henry Primary School in Pakenham are preparing to take centre stage for their first-ever production: The Tale Fairy.

The Tale Fairy is an original play, written by John Henry Primary School staff and performed by the students.

The production will take place over four special nights at the Drum Theatre in Dandenong.

The Tale Fairy is a toe tapping hit that is set to wow audiences.

It features three main characters including the dog ‘Rufus’ played student Maddison, ‘Himanhi’ played by both Elise and Emeelia and ‘Jamie’, a shared role between students Conor and Arwen.

During the play, the two children and dog Rufus are sucked a fairy tale world, where the most popular fairy tale characters of all time each have their individual problems.

Sleeping Beauty can’t sleep, Pinocchio is a real boy and whenever Snow White comes in contact with the dwarfs they multiply.

The two children and their dog take it upon themselves to solve the problems.

Every single John Henry Primary School student plays a part in the production.

“The cast was selected during the second week of the school year and some students came to the school over the holidays to rehearse,” teacher Fraser Selby said.

“Every student has remembered all of their lines and a number of students have memorised 17 pages of lines.

“The students are really excited about the show. It’s been a big learning experience for all of them.”

The students are set to showcase their talent from 17 June to 20 June at 7pm.

To book tickets visit: or call the theatre directly on 03 8571 1666.