MPCA lock in one-day season

The MPCA will revert to one-day cricket once again. 225343 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

Local cricket is staring down the barrel of another season of just one-day cricket, with one of the major community competitions, the Mornington Peninsula Cricket Association (MPCA) confirming it will ditch two-day cricket once again.

In the wake of uncertainty surrounding exactly when Metropolitan Melbourne will come out of lockdown, therefore when the season can conceivably get a start and allow for a short pre-season, the MPCA last week announced the changes.

In the upcoming season – which hasn’t got a target start date yet – but is understood to be likely late-October or early November for community competitions, the MPCA will play 14 one day games, with the first seven rounds to be played in white clothing with a red ball, with the remainder of the season to then convert to white ball, coloured clothing.

The MPCA started on 14 November last season and was played as a one-day season, however there is every possibility that this season can potentially get an even earlier start, despite growing Covid-19 cases within the community.

“We are in discussions currently with CV (Cricket Victoria) and Local Councils regarding other aspects to do with what is required to train/play this coming season due to the uncertainty of Covid,“ the MPCA said.

“(We) will communicate info regarding this as soon as we can.

“There will be flexibility within the fixture to ensure we complete a season.“

Further details at the MPCA Presidents Meeting on 22 September – alongside expected Government announcements in coming weeks – are expected to shed more light on a target start date.