Colourful goodwill

The hospital received about 10 blankets and 15 sensory mats.

By Violet Li

Casey Hospital has received beautiful handmade blankets and sensory mats from the craft group at the Balla Balla Community Centre in Clyde North.

Sue Taylor and Sue Frederick, who are passionate about giving back to people in need, made the colourful creations for patients at Casey Hospital with community program organiser Lauren McCarthy.

Acting Director Clinical Operations (DCO) of General Medicine at Casey Hospital Michele Evans said the hospital was grateful for the beautiful gifts.

“One of the main ladies had heard through a friend that there was a palliative care ward at Casey. They were really inclined to donate to us, and she reached out to me by email, and then we started the conversation from there,” Ms Evans recalled.

“The original plan was just for the blanket, and then she had mentioned that she’d made sensory mats in the past. I said, oh, well, when I come to pick up the blankets, I’d love to have a chat about the sensory mats.

And when I arrived, she’d already made a large selection for me.”

The hospital received about 10 blankets and 15 sensory mats.

Ms Evans said the sensory mats would help patients suffering from delirium or dementia.

“Quite often, patients will be pulling at their dressings or their intravenous lines. And if they’ve got something else to fiddle with, it just makes their treatment easier and also keeps them occupied and less agitated, because it’s just something to do with their hands,” she said.

“It helps keep them safe.

“I think it’s wonderful. I really like that we can give something to the patients.

“I love that it shows community involvement. I know that the ladies themselves really enjoyed being able to do something that made life a little bit nicer for someone else.”