Looking back this week

Looking back 10 years to 2012: an unusually long and strangely shaped egg, laid by a chicken on a Nar Nar Goon farm was dropped in to the Pakenham Gazette office.

30 years to 1992

A colourful new bookmobile was officially commissioned by the Shire President at a small official ceremony. Councillor Charlie Rundell said it was an important service to meet the needs of residents. The bookmobile was first launched by Janet Sol in 1973 and Ms Sol was at the Shire Offices for the ceremony of the new vehicle which was said to be easier to drive. Then Chairman of Urban Land Authority, Mr Gerry Griffin, supplied some of the funds required for the $165 000 project and was also in attendance. The 17 tonne vehicle, pulled by a Ford, was welcomed by the community and held an extra 2000 volumes than the old Bedford Bus which previously served the community.

20 years to 2002

The Rotary Club of Pakenham officially opened a 30 metre suspended cable bridge at Toomuc Bridge. The bridge connected the Delfin Housing estate to Barr Court in Pakenham. Rotarian Geoff Janssen said functionality and attraction were central to the design of the bridge, with the Rotary Club keen to promote a healthy lifestyle. “We wanted to build something the whole community could use,” Mr Janssen said. “It is a great facility and we are sure it is going to be very widely used.” Football Clubs, little athletics and recreational walkers were among those using the bridge at the time. The Rotary Club planned and fundraised for 18 months, donating $45 000 for the construction of the bridge and expressed pride in their involvement.

10 years to 2012

Warragul author Honey Brown released her third book, After The Darkness, a sordid and sinister tale. The mother of two prefers reading comedies, but the book released in 2012 was her third publication to entrench her status as a thrill writer. In an interview with Star News Group at the time, Ms Brown said that human relationships underpin her stories. “I see [After The Darkness] as a story of marriage and the longevity of marriage and the hardships of marriage: the ups and downs,” she said. Ms Brown subsequently released a fourth book, Dark Horse, in 2013, another psychological suspense thriller.