Welcome to term 4

The word ‘interesting’ is much overused – a sort ‘cover-all-bases’ word. I hesitate to use it in welcoming in term 4, 2021 for that express purpose. Yet, despite my reluctance, it is an appropriate word for the times. Children have returned to remote learning for the start of the term – some onsite most at home. Then in weeks 3 to 6 we have a most complicated staggered return to school plan, one which I have no doubt will confuse and even frustrate many. After that, who knows?

I do confess to having dreamt of a much better school scenario for our children this year. But dreams can be flaky and are never more than a moment or two from becoming nightmares.

If nothing else, the past year and three quarters has highlighted some very important positives. Not the least of these being the flexibility and adaptability of schools and their communities. Wherever your children attend school, despite some bumpy times, I’d be confident that in the vast majority of cases, the unity of purpose and teamwork between the home and school has been the cornerstone of whatever success have been enjoyed. That’s been in the best interests of our children, no doubt about it.

If you are still considering a school for your child for next year, why not check us out on our website: www.berwicklodgeps.vic.edu.au and contact us via email or phone for the link to our Webex meetings next term.

By the way, we are still taking enrolments from beyond our zone, if that is something of interest to you.

Henry Grossek