Gurdwara’s plea: get vaccinated!

The Officer Gurdwara has released a video to encourage vaccination. Picture: GARY SISSONS 234950_13

By Danielle Kutchel

The Officer Gurdwara is doing its bit to promote Covid-19 vaccinations, releasing a touching video to inspire people in the community to make that vital booking.

Gurdwara Siri Guru Nanak Darbar Officer has created a video in which children of temple attendees make an impassioned plea to their elders to get vaccinated.

“Please trust science and medical research,” one youngster says, while another adds: “dear parents and grandparents, if you’re vaccinated, your kids are also safer”.

Others talk about what they want to do after the pandemic, like travelling and watching the cricket in stadiums.

The kids ask viewers not to trust myths, instead asking them to turn to trusted and verified sources of information.

Gurdwara spokesperson Harpreet Kandra said the temple had taken many other steps to encourage vaccinations to its members, including adding an announcement at the end of its services to remind people to book in for their Covid shot.

The temple has also been calling members – a total of about 500 families – to ask if they need any support with getting vaccinated.

It has helped by providing the phone number for the booking line, or offering to drive members in the Gurdwara car to the vaccination site, or even paying their cab charges should they wish to book the trip with Pakenham Taxis.

“It’s not our area of work, we are a place of worship – but we understand the significance of this call to promote everyone to get vaccinated,” he said.

The Gurdwara produced two versions of its video, one in English and one in Punjabi.

Mr Kandra said it is vital for the vaccination message to be promoted to people in a language they understand and in a place that they access and frequent – hence the decision to use Facebook to roll out the video, and to discuss vaccinations after services.

“People need to … understand it is vital for them to find time to do this – for our safety, the safety of their kids and the safety of the community,” he said.

The video can be viewed at