Miners make videos fun

Captain Bobbo (Rob) and Captain Crabclaw (Anthony) from the YouTube channel 'Captain Bobbo - Educational Adventures for Kids'

Two mates have teamed up to create uniquely Australian educational YouTube videos for kids.

Anthony Carroll, who grew up in Pakenham, and friend and colleague Rob Hobson are fly in fly out workers in the Western Australian mines and were locked out of Melbourne for extended periods of time last year due to Covid-19.

“I didn’t get to see my nephews last year, and Rob was away from his kids too,” Anthony said.

“We started making these videos for fun about educational stuff for my nephews and Rob’s kids, just as a way for the kids to remember what we looked like.

“But it’s just grown arms and legs from there.”

‘Captain Bobbo – Educational Adventures for Kids’ started out with a handful of likes and views from the pair’s immediate family but some videos now have been watched by thousands.

“I was just helping a mate connect with his kids,” Anthony said.

“I never thought it would be enjoyed by other people.”

During time off from work in the Pilbara, Captain Crabclaw and Captain Bobbo (Anthony and Rob) take their viewers on epic adventures across Western Australia, covering topics such as boats, tractors, cars and animals.

“We are just a couple of FIFO guys with a GoPro and funny hats,” Anthony said.

Many parents seem to be responding well to the videos, with Facebook comments all positive.

“My kids are older and all at school but l just watched an episode. This is fantastic! Well done guys,” one person wrote.

“Omg love the intro song… that will be stuck in my head all day now so catchy. I love it well done,” another said.

“I love this. I’m going to show it to my girls tomorrow. Much better than the crap they choose on YouTube,” said a third.

Anthony and Rob plan to continue to make videos as long as they have a interested audience.

“We’re both like big kids. We’re just having fun,” Anthony said.