Plant give away

Cardinia residents can claim two free plants in a new giveaway. Photo: SUPPLIED

Cardinia Shire Council is giving away free native plants to celebrate the opening of the Cardinia Environment Coalition’s (CEC) nursery at Deep Creek Reserve.

4,000 indigenous plants will be given away to the first 2,000 Cardinia residents to claim them (each person gets two).

The plants will be available at CEC’s nursery at Deep Creek Reserve following the opening of their new facility from Friday 7 May.

The nursery is a project that has been nine years in the making with Cardinia Shire Council, Cardinia Environment Coalition, and Pakenham and District Golf Club working together on the initiative.

Cardinia Shire Council Mayor Brett Owen said the free plant giveaway would encourage residents to plant native species in their gardens.

“Native plants are so important for our biodiversity. They provide nectar, pollen and seeds that serve as a food source for insects, butterflies, birds and other wildlife. Once established, they can survive on rainfall alone and do not require fertiliser,” he said.

“Council is proud to support our community to create a greener, cleaner Cardinia Shire through the investment of 4,000 native plants for residents to plant in their gardens.”

The plant giveaway opens at 9am on Friday 7 May and will run until 18 June or while stock lasts.

Cardinia Shire residents must bring proof of address to CEC Nursery at Deep Creek Reserve to receive two free indigenous tube stock plants.

The types of plants residents can choose from are small to large woody stem trees but please note you will receive the plant as tube stock.

For more information about the free plant giveaway, contact council on 1300 787 624.