Thieves target toy shop

The alleged thief hides the scooter between toys.

Two brazen thieves have been captured on CCTV allegedly stealing an electric scooter from a Pakenham toy shop.

The couple entered Toy World at Pakenham Place Shopping Centre just after 4pm on Saturday 9 January.

CCTV shows the couple purportedly devising a plan to steal the $350 Globber electric scooter.

A man could be seen placing the product in between a corridor of toys at the front of the store, as owner Sandra Evans packed up for the day. It’s then alleged he snuck through the corridor to get the scooter before fleeing towards the carpark with his female partner.

“They never approached me. I was packing up so they found it difficult to get out of store as I was in and out,” Ms Evans explained.

She believed the duo planned to steal something from the shop, but said they didn’t necessarily come for the scooter.

“If I ever see them in my store again I will ring police straight away and they will be asked to leave,” she said.

“These aren’t customers. They are thieves.”

The gutless act is a bitter blow for the store, who like many small businesses, has struggled throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s not the first time Toy World has been targeted. Last year, various Lego products were also stolen.

“After being shut for such a long time and then to have this happen … It’s very disappointing,” Ms Evans said.

A Pakenham police station spokesman confirmed an investigation into the theft was ongoing.

It’s understood the alleged offenders had been identified.