Cannibal under review

A reopening of Mount Cannibal is under review. 208670_19

Cardinia Shire Council is in the process of deciding whether to reopen the hugely popular Mount Cannibal Reserve in Garfield North.

The reserve, which experienced an influx of foot traffic at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic after it featured on TikTok, has been closed to the public for much of the year.

It first closed at the beginning of April, before reopening for a brief period, however “out-of-control” crowds forced it to again close in July.

But the council expect to finally have an update for the community regarding the park’s status on Wednesday 4 November.

“Council officers are currently completing a review of whether we can reopen Mount Cannibal Reserve to the community,” manager pandemic response and recovery Kristen Jackson confirmed on Friday 30 October.

In mid-September, the council rejected calls from Garfield locals who wanted the site reopened to those living within the five kilometre bubble.

The council argued the risks of reopening at that time were “far too great”.

Despite remaining off-limits to the public, numerous people have been nabbed breaking into the park to exercise.

In recent weeks, cars have been seen parking along Garfield North Road, causing frustration for local road users.

“We desperately need council to step up and put ‘No Parking’ signs up at least 150m on each side of the road of the mountain to avoid the stampede of people,” one motorist said.