Roads don’t pass the pub test

The state of Healesville-KWR Road in May. 208283_04

A recent road blitz which was said to have rebuilt and resurfaced more than 165,000 square metres of road in Cardinia Shire has failed to pass the pub test.

Both motorists and the State Liberal opposition alike have questioned the State Government’s recent $653.5 million road blitz, which aimed to “strengthen and smoothen” some of the state’s most notorious roads.

According to the State Government, more than 230,000 potholes were filled, 53,500 kilometres of roadside grass was mowed and 41,000 signs have been repaired or replaced across Victoria.

In Cardinia Shire, more than $650,000 was spent on spray seal resurfacing the Princes Freeway.

“We’ve completed a huge amount of work during this massive road maintenance blitz,” Labor Bass MP Jordan Crugnale said.

“Across the Cardinia Shire, we’re investing in safer, stronger, smoother roads to make sure we keep locals moving.”

But locals were less than convinced, letting their feelings known about the state of our roads on the Gazette’s Facebook page.

“Dead on arrival, roads are the worst they’ve been in a while,” one man wrote.

“So chucking a bit of road base in to a hole is counted as fixed? Back to the way it was 10 days after it being ‘fixed’,” one woman said.

“I’m sure my seven-year-old son with his toy Tonka truck and tools could do a better job,” another said, describing Healesville-Kooweerup Road.

“Resurfaced? I think you mean they did a few bandaid jobs that will last until the next lot of heavy rain,” another quipped.

A similar sentiment was echoed by Liberal Gembrook MP Brad Battin, who said the regional road network had never been in poorer condition.

“Reaction to the article in the Gazette, and from people I’ve spoken with, indicates the only person that thinks the government has done a good job on the region’s roads is the Member for Bass,” Mr Battin said.

“If she thinks the roads in Casey and Cardinia are so good, I would invite the Member for Bass to take a ride with some local farmers and others that endure these poor roads day in, day out.

“Residents of Casey and Cardinia have suffered with poor roads for years and years, and filling a few potholes and cutting some grass does nothing for them.”

According to the State Government, local roads targeted under the program include Kooweerup-Longwarry Road, South Gippsland Highway, Princes Freeway – at the Pakenham bypass – and the notorious Healesville-Kooweerup Road.

“This includes works to rebuild and resurface more than 165,000 square metres of road in Cardinia Shire, including a 460 metre section of the Healesville-Kooweerup Road in Pakenham,” Ms Crugnale explained.

“We’ve also resealed nearly 28,500 square metres of the Princes Freeway and more than 13,000 square metres of the South Gippsland Highway.”