Candidates questioned

The race to the Cardinia Shire Council is heating up.

The field of Cardinia Shire candidates have all been quizzed on their intentions to run for council elections.

The Gazette has made an attempt to contact all 41 candidates – however three people who nominated to run have failed to publicly disclose their contact details to the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC).

Each candidate has been sent the same 22 questions, which aim to provide some much needed answers to the questions of ratepayers across the shire.

It’s hoped the questions will reveal information about each person, as well as their vision for the Cardinia Shire community, as we begin to work our way out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Among the questions put to each candidate, the Gazette has sought to ask if the prospective councillors hold any property or business interests in the community.


Other questions put to the hopefuls include:

– Have you run for council/ been a councillor before, or run for any other level of government? If so, please list details (where, when, length of time, etc).- Are you/have you been a member of a political party? If so, which party and for how long?

– What councillors, ex-councillors, MPs or ex-MPs have assisted or advised your campaign

– What is your campaign budget?

– Who are your campaign donors? How much have each contributed?

– Are you standing as an individual, or part of a group of candidates?

– Are you related to any other candidates standing in this election?

– Which candidates are your ’running mates’?

– Who will you direct your preferences to?

– Describe your involvement in the local community.

– Example of ‘inappropriate development’ in your ward?

– What are the three most important issues for your ward?

– What extra Covid-19 relief does your community need?

– Your Covid-19 lockdown hobby?


It’s anticipated all candidates will respond by Friday 2 October.

The responses from each candidate, along with a headshot photograph, are set to be published in an upcoming Pakenham Gazette edition.