Preps growing up fast

Ella dressed as a 100-year-old while learning from home.

Prep students from Beaconhills College celebrated a milestone as they reached 100 days of learning.

While learning from home due to the coronavirus lockdown, students were invited to dress up as 100-year-olds for the day.

Taylor dressed as an old man with a walking stick to celebrate 100 days of schooling.

Beaconhills College prep coordinator and teacher, Ruth Holland, said 100 days of school was not just a wonderful landmark for preps to celebrate, but was designed to help build on students’ understanding of numbers to 100.

Before lockdown, in class the preps would look at their maths board each day and add a new star or an ice cream stick.

When there were 10 sticks, they would put an elastic band around them to make a bundle.

Eliza dressed as an old lady to mark 100 days of school.

“Each day we could count our stars and sticks, at first by ones and later on by tens, as we add on more bundles,” Ms Holland explained.


“So we build on the students’ understanding of place value slowly until we get all the way up to 100.”

She said to mark the 100 day celebration, students did lots of activities relating to 100, such as making a tower with 100 blocks and filling a container with 100 teaspoons of water.

Student Daniel Wang with a sign that says ”100 days”.

“The students wrote about what they would buy if they had $100, and looked at different ways that we can make $100 with notes and coins,” she said.

“We also asked the students to dress up as centenarians.”