Garfield man caught in Covid breach

Victoria Police

 A Garfield man has been nabbed “shopping and exercising” over 60 kilometres away in Frankston.

The man – who was allegedly caught breaching the five kilometre radius as part of Stage 4 restrictions – was issued with a $1652 fine.

Meanwhile, a Berwick woman was also caught by police for allegedly breaching restrictions.

Victoria Police said the woman admitting to travelling from Scoresby to Patterson Lakes, before also stating that she was considering visiting her mother in Hallam.

The incidents were just two of 268 fines handed out on Saturday 8 August for breaching the Chief Health Officer’s directive.

Almost 40 people were hit with fines for failing to wear a face covering when leaving the house for one of the four approved reasons.

Another 77 people were caught breaching the 8pm curfew, while 13 people were nabbed at vehicle checkpoints.

A total of 3841 spot checks were conducted on homes, businesses and public places across Victoria on Saturday, bringing the total ever number of spot checks to 242,763 since 21 March.