Love the hunt, enjoy the find

Thousands of records, just waiting to be played.

Pickers Retro Haven is the realisation of a long-held dream for Nick and Annie: a destination for vintage lovers and antique collectors of any age.

A lot of hard work and passion has gone into the business, and despite the Covid-19 pandemic causing a six week shutdown in March and April, it looks like it has paid off for this family-run business.

Since opening in early October 2019, the couple has received much positive feedback about their endeavour, with visitors saying it’s exactly what Beaconsfield needed.

As locals themselves, Nick and Annie felt it was important to offer a local option for vintage and antique hunters. They’ve built a loyal base of repeat customers, with some travelling from as far away as the northern and western suburbs just to pick through the treasures on offer.

From the massive record collection – there are about 40,000 more coming in the next few weeks – to 100-year-old Kodak cameras, there really is something to appeal to any collector.

Stamps and coins, from Penny Blacks to pieces of eight, will delight. There is a strong collection of military memorabilia – they’ve just sold a World War One stretcher.

If antique books are your thing, you’ll be in heaven: there are shelves of old and rare tomes.

And there are always more items arriving, with an average of three new trailers arriving each month, packed with more collectors’ items.

Plus, find vintage clothes, retro furniture, original movie posters and sporting memorabilia to complete any man-cave.

Best of all, it’s all undercover and inside – no dodging the rain with your precious purchases!

Currently, there are 60 traders under Pickers’ roof, with hopes to expand to more than 100 in the future.

“It’s not just about being a store – we want to have entertainment as well,” Annie said.

They envisage a space where students from nearby schools can come to jam after class on the old instruments, or play on vintage arcade machines and games like pinball and air hockey.

“We’re just trying to make it fun,” Annie said.

A donation section of the shop sees proceeds from purchased items go to a local charity, and a Share the Dignity donation box will be put in soon too, in keeping with the couple’s spirit of keeping in touch with and giving back to their community.

Pickers Retro Haven is located at 122 Old Princes Highway, Beaconsfield. Find them on Facebook for sneak peeks and more.