The roar of the Lioness to remain

President Wendy Keogh has vowed to continue supporting her community. 208998_01

The Lioness Club of Berwick have been forced to close, however the dedicated ladies behind the branch are vowing to never give up on their community.

A “change in the times” has left Lioness Clubs all over the world without help from Lions International, based out of the United States, who announced they will no longer support Lioness Clubs from June 2020.

The Lioness Club of Berwick, which has been serving the local community since 1983, will have no choice but to rebrand as a Lions Club.

“We have been given the option of becoming a recognised Lions Club,” Lioness Club of Berwick president Wendy Keogh said.

“We were told to either become a Lion or nothing at all. In a way, it’s all about sponsorship and money.

“We were very disappointed by this. It’s been very emotionally upsetting for some of our members who have decided to resign.”

With some charter members sticking around, Ms Keogh will continue to lead the generous group of caring ladies, as they rebrand and become the Berwick Lions Club of Lionesses.

It’s taken a lot of persuasion for the group’s 15 members to soldier on, but their love for the community has remained at the forefront.

“I thought to myself, if we didn’t carry on, who is going to keep fundraising for the community that we support,” she explained.

“We decided we will become Lions because we’re not giving up on our community. It’s just the name, everything we do will still be the same.

“Where we see a need, we will always try and come in to help where we can. We do our best.”

Each year, the group donates thousands of dollars to local projects and organisations, and they’re now on the hunt for new members to join.

“We want to solider on but our ages are taxing on us, so we would love to see some younger faces among us,” Ms Keogh added.

“There is the opportunity for camaraderie while we plan how to support those in need, and we have fun while doing so.”

The group meet at noon on the second Tuesday of every month at the Cardinia Park Hotel.

Prospective members can contact Wendy on 0413 225 718 between business hours.