200 trees to rebuild

Cardinia Shire Council’s bushfire recovery officer Bronwyn Fleming with Bruce Dunkley from Fleming’s Nurseries.

Just in time for spring planting, Fleming’s Nurseries made a donation of 200 bare-rooted trees for residents in the Bunyip fire-affected areas.

Residents are able to choose from a range of advanced ornamental and fruit trees.

“We’re a company that lived through the Black Saturday fires, we lost a massive property and we know what it’s like – it’s hard for everyone,” Fleming’s Nurseries director Paige Fleming said.

“We just thought we’d so something to help out and assist that community with moving forward in some sort of way.

“Trees are a symbol of life, change, development and a whole lot of other things so we hope they make people feel better about the things they might’ve lost and we hope it acts as a light for moving forward.”

The trees can be collected from the Bushfire Recovery Centre in Tonimbuk, or contact the centre to make alternative arrangements.

Residents must let council staff at the recovery centre know when collecting a tree.

As these are bare-rooted trees they must be collected within the next couple of weeks and planted as soon as possible.