Maddy’s death will remain a mystery

Maddison was found dead in her Ahern Road home on 23 October in 2013 at age 20.

The former partner of slain Pakenham mum Maddison Murphy-West – and the prime suspect of her mysterious death – was found dead inside his Hasting’s home on Sunday.

Maddison was found dead in her Ahern Road home on 23 October in 2013 at age 20.

Police are investing Troy Boothey’s death but are not treating it as suspicious.

Boothey was a known drug-addict and in 2016, he was placed on a Drug Treatment Order.

The aunt of Maddison, Kelly Anne Murphy has spoken out following the news of Boothey’s death.

“We (Maddison’s family) all have mixed emotions about it (Boothey’s death). We’re glad he’s gone because we’ve always had to look over our shoulder and be aware that he’s around,” Ms Murphy said.

“Its bitter sweet but the fact he’s gone is a relief. He was a danger and an ice dealer that sold to children.

“He is a horrible human being. They used to call him ‘king of the kids’ because he would target state parks, find young kids and sell them ice. He was pure filth and he was evil.”

According to Ms Murphy, police informed the family that Boothey “100 percent did it”.

“It’s just that there is insufficient evidence,” she added.

“At the beginning, they (police) thought it was a suicide so they let him (Boothey) enter the crime scene.

“He had people get rid of the evidence and then those people turned on him and told us information and that he was the one that tried to set my daughters house on fire.”

After Maddison died, her family went into hiding and moved away from the Pakenham area.

“There were places we’d never go to because we knew that’s where he’d be,” she said.

Suburbs Narre Warren and Hampton Park were often avoided by the family due to the large chance of running into him.

“A couple of times we’d have people message us and say they just saw him. We always had people warning us about where he was,” she said.

“At one stage we were told that he was going to burn the house down where my sister was living, so she had to quickly move. Another time my daughter was chased by him.”

As time went on, the family grew out of contact with Boothey, Ms Murphy said although he “disappeared” his presence was still felt.

“We did know that he was in Hastings so I always knew in the back of my mind that he was still around,” she said.

“He was never going to change and I imagine he’s in hell now.”

Moving forward, the family will continue to fight for justice for Maddison.

A Facebook group called ‘Justice for Maddy’ with over 4200 members was created in 2014 to uphold the pressure for justice.

“We have always been in contact with police. We still want to know what happened and we want to keep the pressure up,” she said.

“What he did to Maddy leading up to it made her want out of the relationship. He knew she wanted out and that’s why she’s dead.

“We want answers and we want it proven that he did it.”

Mornington Peninsula CIU detectives are investigating Boothey’s death on behalf of the Coroner.

Maddison’s death is subject of an ongoing investigation by the Homicide Squad and no one has been charged.

“We’re just hoping that maybe people will come forward now with evidence because he’s gone,” Ms Murphy said.

“They don’t have to worry about him anymore. He was an intimidating person and people were frightened of him.

“We’re just glad he’s gone.”