Monkey bike ‘cretins’ taunt locals


Reckless monkey bike “cretins” are clashing with residents in Lang Lang’s streets, taunting homeowners and performing dangerous tricks.

Tensions have escalated in recent weeks, with one group of furious locals banding together to confront the riders.

It did little to resolve the conflict, with the hoons now tearing up the turf and reportedly creating more of a disturbance than ever before.

The Gazette understands that police have been called on two occasions, but the perpetrators subsequently fled.

Carol Wyne is one of the distressed neighbours who is “constantly” awoken to the smell of burnt rubber and the ear-piercing revs of the mini-bikes.

She said many on Tresize Court have had enough of the hoons.

“It’s definitely becoming worse,” she said.

“A few of the residents stood up to them, and now they’re even more brazen and even more intrusive.

“I yelled out to one that I was going to contact Current Affair but he didn’t even seem to care.”

The stoush between the riders and the community was even acknowledged by Cynthia Gane, author of the Lang Lang Flyer.

“Anyone living within the town is well aware of the cretins who buzz around after dark on the monkey bike, revving the bejezus out of it and annoying the crap out of everyone,” she said in the flyer.

“Things are coming to a head, with residents having to confront the group of young blokes responsible, who subsequently made more noise than ever as pay back.

“Looks like the law had better get someone up here before this turns really ugly.”

Miniature motorcycles and monkey bikes are banned on all Victoria roads, footpaths or nature strips.

However, the bikes can still be owned under permits to use on private properties.

Research shows that state-wide, the majority of injuries caused by monkey bike incidents were sustained by children aged five to 14 years old.

“They look to be in their mid to late teens, and it’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt,” Ms Wyne added.