Bulls to sell on farm

2022 Wattlewood Sale Bulls and Ben Glover.

When Fiona and John Glover started Wattlewood Angus more than 20 years ago, they concentrated on breeding cattle that were structurally sound, easy doing, quiet and that they appreciated owning themselves.

Along the way, Wattlewood cattle have being praised in the show ring, and in major carcass competitions around Australia, all backed by the experience gained by Fiona when she was the Angus Societies University of Illinois Scholarship recipient.

Fast forward to now, the couple are still loving the type of cattle that they breed, grow and sell to cattle breeders for them to enjoy and enhance their herd.

Fiona says “I love where we are at with our breeding and sales, and it is terrific to have our bull buyers coming back year after year to get the next generation of genetics. The return buyers tell us that we are doing things right.”

Wattlewood had a stellar Beef Week in 2021 and are taking it a step further, offering 31 bulls and 20 HBR and APR females in the stud’s first on property bull and production sale on Wednesday 16 March 2022 at 4pm.

The 2022 Beef Week on Saturday 29 January will be a preview to what will be offered at the studs’ inaugural sale. Fiona says they plan to have all the bulls tied up for display and the females will be close by in small paddocks.

The husband-and-wife team are proud of the animals that are available and state that they are completely grain-free and performing on their own merits, backed by HD50K genotyping, sire verification and vaccinations of 7in1, Pestiegard and Vibrovax.

For more information about how Wattlewood may have a positive impact on your breeding operation, call Fiona on 0416 216 951. Sale catalogues will be available at Beef Week and on the website at wattlewoodstud.com.au