Roll your sleeves up for a wet room reno

You can make a lockdown project out of painting and renovating with the family. (Supplied)

Elle Cecil

When it comes to renovations in the bathroom (or wet rooms in general) it’s often assumed that you’re best to leave it to the professionals. After all, the idea of laying new tiles, grouting from scratch, or replacing outdated cabinetry can be intimidating and time consuming for many, even for someone who has done their fair share of DIYs.

However, easy-to-use products such as the Dulux Renovation Range can make even the most daunting of tasks seem straightforward.

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for areas like the laundry and bathroom, and a concept that your hip pocket will thank you for! Instead of replacing your old cabinetry, use products from the Dulux Renovation Range to brighten and refresh the room, and replace the old handles or knobs with some new bling from your local hardware store.

There’s no need to fork out and retile your wet areas, you can simply freshen them up with a few coats of your favorite on-trend colour. Even the grout can be refreshed and will work wonders to change the look and feel of your space.

The Dulux Renovation Range can be used to update everything from tiled flooring and walls, plastic and vinyl cabinet doors, through to stone or laminate benchtops to look brand new.

Dulux Colour and Communications Manager, Andrea Lucena-Orr, says colour choice should always be based on the final look you are trying to achieve in the room, taking into consideration the ambience, lighting and how you intend to use the space.

“White is often a popular choice for the bathroom, particularly on the walls and vanity tiles, as it’s flattering on the skin under both natural and artificial lighting – important where mirrors are frequently used – and can make a space appear bigger than it actually is,” Andrea says.

“To add personality to the space, look to deep-sea blues and charcoals like Dulux Ticking for your cabinetry. Adding texture and subtle pops of colour throughout with towels, bathroom mats and benchtop accessories like soap dishes, toothbrush holders and plant pots is also a fantastic way to liven up the space for a fresh look and feel,” Andrea adds.

So, whether you are tackling a full room makeover or just want to jazz up certain areas of your laundry or bathroom, the Renovation Range caters to all needs, offering an affordable solution to what can sometimes seem like a costly renovation.

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