Know your rights: pipeline info night

Farmers in Devon Meadows are among several landowners that will be affected by the proposed pipeline.

Residents that will be affected by APA’s proposed gas pipeline from Pakenham to Crib point are being invited to an information session this month.

A number of landowners including those in Devon Meadows are unhappy with a proposal from energy heavyweight APA to build a 60 kilometre pipeline that will cut through their properties.

They have also been approached by APA to discuss potential acquisition and compensation.

Duffy and Simon Lawyers in Pakenham have been instructed by several land owners and occupiers to act on their behalf, to review their rights to object to the proposed pipeline, as well as to review the proposed compensation being discussed by APA Group.

The information session is set to take place at Cardinia Public Hall (2401 Ballarto Road, Cardinia) on Thursday 23 August at 6pm.

Principal of Duffy Simon, Damien McKenna will discuss pipeline acquisitions and the rights of the land owners and occupiers.

He said there is a set process that APA must follow under the Pipelines Act 2005 prior to construction of the pipeline starting.

This included a community consultation plan, a pipeline licence application, the acquiring of the property and the issuing of a licence/decision to reject the application.

“We are taking this opportunity to invite both owners and occupiers of land affected by the current gas pipeline route to a free information evening held by Duffy and Simon to advise them of their rights regarding APA Group’s proposal,” Mr McKenna said.

“If you are the occupier of the land under a lease or licence, we ask that you extend this invite to the owner of the land,” he added.

“Duffy and Simon have represented landholders and occupiers in a range of past acquisitions to ensure that any offer reflects not only the true market value of the land, but also the ongoing loss of profits and costs incurred by landholders as a result of the loss of the land.”

Guest speakers at the session including director of Urbis Brian Dudakov, who will be discussing valuation of any land easement or land acquired for the pipeline as well as William Henderson, Senior Consultant of RMCG Consultants, who will discuss the assessment of impact on agricultural land, business and loss of profits arising from the pipeline.