Letters pest hits neighbours


By Rowan Forster

A serial pest is harassing ratepayers in Officer with bizarre, racially-fuelled letters threatening to butcher their dogs.

In six separate letters obtained by the Gazette, the perpetrator delivered a tirade of abuse to neighbours.

Police confirmed the “hate-mail” had been reported, and was still under investigation.

Each letter, delivered to a different resident, follows a common theme of noisy pets.

“We warned you about your f****** dog, but what more could we expect from you lowlife black scum bags,” one letter read.

“Leave your dog out and if we can access your property in some way, say goodnight dog.”

In another confronting letter, the pest likened his neighbour to that of a North Korean dictatorship.

“Who needs North Korea when we have highly toxic neighbours like you f****** lot,” it read.

It is believed several recipients live on or near Arena Parade, indicating the culprit is a local.

Marsha Nelson received a second letter last week, with the mail arriving by post.

She described the message as “horrific” and “unsettling”, telling the Gazette she had sleepless nights in the days after she read it.

“It’s scary to think that someone so unreasonable and so angry has your address and is abusing you like that,” she said.

“I hope it’s just some dumb prank, but I can’t imagine someone would go to so much effort for a joke.”

Ms Nelson owns a small terrier which she keeps indoors.

She said he makes very little noise.

“There’s no way he’d be keeping anybody awake, so I don’t understand why this person is being so crazy,” Ms Nelson said.

In another startling letter, the pest made a graphic threat.

“Let’s hope you have kids and they find the mess in your backyard,” the letter read, referencing the remains of a family pet.

The foul-mouthed antics have left neighbours on high alert, anxious about their family pets being “baited”.