Car saved by off-duty firey

The vintage car burst into flames with the driver and his daughter still in it. 179890_04 Pictures: KYRA GILLESPIE

By Kyra Gillespie

A quick-thinking off duty firefighter managed to salvage a rare vintage car after it burst into flames in Gembrook on Sunday 15 April.
The Metropolitan Fire Brigade member was enjoying breakfast at Spencers Store in Gembrook when the 1969 vehicle caught fire across the road.
Without a second thought the firefighter seized the café’s fire extinguisher and doused the flames.
A kind neighbour also offered their garden hose to fight the fire that broke out just before 12pm.
“I’d say it’s had a fuel leak. At best guess, it’s hit the manifold and lighted up,” he said.
“The result is a fuel run that burns the fuel line through, and then the fuel’s run through the car.”
Despite the car being little more than charred remains, the firey is positive the car is still salvageable.
“Old cars like this don’t have too much in the way of electrics.”
The fire was well and truly extinguished by the time the Gembrook CFA crew arrived on scene.
The driver of the vehicle – which belongs to his father – was beyond grateful for the firefighter’s speedy efforts.
“I was driving with my daughter when it burst into flames,” he said.
“It’s obviously disappointing but I think it’s salvageable.”
Spencer’s Store gave the brave firefighter his breakfast on the house for his courageous efforts.