Lunchtime lifesaver

A cafe staff member performed life-saving CPR to a customer.

By Kyra Gillespie

A staff member at a cafe in Pakenham is being praised for performing life-saving CPR on a customer.
Paramedics were called to Four Seasons Café in Pakenham just before 12pm on Thursday 12 April, where a man in his sixties was taken to the Monash Hospital in a medical condition.
While the ambulance was on its way a staff member with first aid training performed CPR on the man.
Café owner, May Tran, has described the terrifying ordeal.
“It took the ambulance 15 minutes to arrive, during which one of our staff members with first aid training performed CPR on him,” Ms Tran said.
“It was very, very scary.”
The man was on his own, so the Four Seasons staff stayed by his side until paramedics arrived.
“He was on his own – he always comes on his own.
“The man is our most regular customer; he comes in seven days a week.
“We had to close for nearly two hours after it happened. No one could bear to work because we all have an emotional attachment to him.
“We are very shaken up.
“We are also very proud of our staff member for stepping up in that moment.”