Three-time speedster has car impounded

By Alana Mitchelson

A PAKENHAM man’s car was impounded after being caught speeding three times up to 50km/h over the limit in the space of a few hours.
Police intercepted a silver Ford XR8 ute after the 40-year-old driver was caught travelling at 114km/h in a 100km zone about 8.20am on Saturday 3 September along the Princes Freeway, Pakenham.
He was issued an infringement notice for $311 and received three demerit points. But a short time later the same highway patrol members caught the man speeding at 119km/h in a 100km/h zone on Nar Nar Goon Longwarry Road, Garfield.
The man was again issued an infringement notice for $311 and received a further three demerit points.
While the police remained present at the scene, the Pakenham man sped off and was detected travelling 134km/h in an 80km zone near the Garfield township.
Police pulled the man over for the third time that day, impounding the ute for 30 days at a cost of $1060 for its release.
Cardinia Highway Patrol Sergeant Rob Atkinson said it was one of the worst cases of disregard for the speed limits he has seen in 18 years of policing.
“Most people would have slowed down after receiving the first infringement notice but to be caught again less than three hours later is rarely heard of,” Sgt Atkinson said.
“Travelling at speeds of 134km/h and heading into a 60km zone while still in police presence shows that he has no regard for his own safety or for the safety of other motorists travelling on the roads.”
The man was expected to be charged on summons for driving at dangerous speeds and for driving more than 45km/h over the speed limit.
It is also expected he would lose his licence for 12 months.