For the love of Holden

Holden enthusiast Dave Hosking. 205003_05

Holden lover Dave Hosking was shattered when the brand was given the axe last Monday 17 February.

The Drouin man says he has been an enthusiast for the brand for “as long as I can remember”.

“It’s a very sad time not only for Holden, but for the workers, and the employees,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter who you talk to, everyone has a Holden story, for example: “My Dad had a Torana” or “My grandfather had one of those”.

“My parents both drove Holdens, so they have always been in the family so I guess it’s in my blood. They are just such an Australian icon – like the Hills Hoist, meat pies, etc.”

Mr Hosking is currently the proud owner of five Holdens: 1956 FJ Special, 1964 EH Premier, 2004 VY Berlina V8 Wagon, 2004 VY S Pak Sedan, and a 2005 VZ SS Crewman Duel Cab Ute.

“I am very attached to them all, however I would say the EH Premier is my favourite. It is a ripper car,” he said.

“I drove a mates EH Ute to Canberra years ago and that was it, I was in love – absolutely loved it.

“So I bought it off him and I’ve owned four EHs since, as well as numerous Toranas, Kingswoods, over a dozen VP VR VS Commodore models, even a HQ Monaro.”

Mr Hosking revealed he has a soft spot for the VY Commodore range.

“I reckon they were the best Commodore in my opinion,” he said.

Parent company General Motors announced it would retire the Holden brand by the end of the year but information on whether the V8 Supercars team would remain is yet to be announced.

The mad V8 fan, who has attended the V8 Supercars in Bathurst 21 times, says he is not sure what will happen to the racing series, which has historically been about the rivalry between Holden and Ford.

“I plan on going this year for most likely that last time depending on what Supercars come up with next year,” he said.

“I would never ever jump the fence to Ford. I have a few Ford mates, and we’re always giving each other heaps.

“But the respect is there. I can appreciate a nice GT, or a good clean classic. I did own an Escort once when I first got my licence but it was a hand me down, I soon got rid of that.”

When asked by the Gazette if he will ever sell any of his pride and joy cars, Mr Hosking said he would only sell them to upgrade to other collectable Holdens.

“My Berlina wagon is a V8 with very low kilometres so I’m hoping to preserve that one and I think the FJ and the EH will be stuck with me for a while,” he said.

“Although I’d love to buy one of the last VF SS Commodores just to stick in the shed… Maybe when I win the Tatts.”