Turn recycled newspapers into bags

For five years Lorraine Schmaman coordinated a great eco-sustainable project in country New South Wales whereby she transformed newspapers into different items requested by the small town on Narooma.

She has since moved to Pakenham and would love to begin a similar project here where community members can attend weekly working bees making useful newspaper bags and packets.

Some of the items she makes include small packets, medium carrier bags with handles, square carrier bags, portfolio business covers, trays used to old oysters or biscuits and bags to carry wine.

Each item is then sold for $10.

The objective of the project is to give newspapers a second use before they are sent to the tip.

“This group becomes quite cohesive, with its members supporting each other, and the formation of close good friendships goes a long way to uniting community and making all volunteers know that their contribution is indeed unique and greatly appreciated,” Ms Schaman said.

The social group would also meet one morning a week in the Berwick-Cranbourne area, from 10am to 12noon.

Are you interested in volunteering and assisting this awesome activity?

Contact Ms Schaman on 0410 289 052.