Q and A with Paul Ingle

Get to know Pakenham musician Paul Ingle. 191682_01.

Q and A with Pakenham jazz musician Paul Ingle…

What is something people don’t know about you?

My inner desire to have known my dad better. He passed at an early age when I was a young boy and I never got the real opportunity to discover his talents and experiences as a trombone player. I was no doubt inspired by the music ‘around the house’ as a child and the ‘music in my blood’. I would hope he is proud of my musical achievements and knows he is deep in my heart.

What is your favourite thing about jazz music?

It’s a music of honesty and beauty, with an incredible history which began from incredible people living in slavery; yet they gave mankind one of the greatest musical gifts. Jazz also allows me to work in a team/band, yet be myself as a performer. There is no other music that encompasses a diverse range, yet retains its own identity. To see a foot tapping or a smiling face in the audience, basically says I have done my job on stage.

Tell us a bit about your American tours.

I started visiting the USA about twelve years ago, listening to bands to gain a better understanding of the roots of jazz and to gain knowledge for my development and the bands I was with. This lead to jazz jams an ‘sit-ins’ with local bands; and then ultimately to payed gigs and festivals. I now travel to the States on a regular basis playing as a guest artist at various jazz festivals. This year, I am returning to the renown Pismo Beach Jazz Jubilee by the Sea Festival in California; where I have formed a special band of the ‘best of the best’ Australian jazz musicians now living in the USA and Canada. We are called Australian Jazz Connection.

Favourite holiday spot in Australia?

My other passion is sailing, so I guess wherever I can get out on the water, with the sun and the wind close by, I love. I have my own yacht in Paynesville, Gippsland Lakes.

What is/has been your ultimate goal in life?

To achieve pleasure and success in the things I do. This includes sharing my achievements and challenges with others and hopefully contributing to their life experiences.

What’s your favourite movie?

Although I love being on top of the water; I love submarine movies. Hunt for Red October has to be at the top of the list.

Best concert you have been to?

I loved Lionel Ritchie in Chicago; who was incredible but my bucket list is to see Jimmy Buffet whilst we both have the opportunity.

Which five guests, dead or alive, would you invite to dinner?

My mum and dad, (now deceased) for their love. Louis Armstrong, jazz and stories of life. AFL legend Tom Hafey for his inspiration. Denzel Washington, favourite actor.